I am Stuart Holmes; a full stack software developer based in Northumberland and working for Newcastle Building Society.

I specialise in front end development and develop with vanilla html, css and javascript in a c# tech stack. I advocate web standards, accessibility and user experience within the development teams.


Projects I am working on include


1st Aug 19 - Front End NE Talk

A couple of months ago I submitted a talk to Frontend NE. If accepted, it would be my first ever talk outside of work, and my first biggest after my wedding speech.

Shortly after, I got an email asking if I was free on 1st of August. I was surprised and excited. I said yes.

Then the announcement email was sent and the website updated. With my name and talk title on it. This was real.

I spent the next few weeks preparing with the writing of slides, rewriting, a rehearsal with colleagues at work and more rewriting. Then it was zero hour. After much faffing with cables, my laptop was connected to the projector, and mic was on, and the audience was waiting with expectation.

Then I was on. I delivered my talk - I don’t remember much of it, but it seemed to go well. Then I was done, there was a round of applause, and I left the podium.

Thank you for having me at Frontend NE and for the kind comments and encouragement from everyone.

Here are my slides.


Find me on twitter @trubru